DO YOU HAVE YOUR FIVE-MINUTE PLAN? Evacuation orders mean that you have to leave in five minutes or less. When it’s time to go, five minutes can make all the difference.

Visit for more information on how to make your own 5-minute plan

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Valley Churches United is one of the local nonprofit organizations that can provide support for fire survivors, depending on the unmet needs. We are a member of the Santa Cruz County Long Term Recovery Group that formed to provide resources and support for those who are eligible.  Do you need assistance in recovering from the CZU fire? Email or call the Wild Fire Relief phone line at 831-920-4764 to connect with a disaster case manager. Or call a CZU fire case manager at Mountain Community Resources at 335-6600. Valley Churches is working with the CZU fire case managers to provide a variety of support for fire survivors.             For further information call 831-336-8258 x229.

Pantry Hours


Our food pantry is open three days per week: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9 AM to noon. Our pantry is also open on the first and third Friday of every month from 9AM to 11AM for seniors (62 and older).